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Finally a solution that did the job – Phallosan

I grew up in a family that could be called conservative. We weren’t fanatics or anything, but I knew that our family is a bit more conservative than the families of other kids. In our house, you could never hear swearing and everyone knew that you have to respect the other people in the family. However, this also meant that there was little talk about sex, if any and by the time I was an adolescent I sort of fell behind when theory is in question.


My first girlfriend, my high school sweetheart also came from such a family and we were so much in love. However conservative we might have been, we decided that waiting until we are married to have sex was a bit too much and we both lost our virginity at the age of 17. We stayed together for 7 years. And when you are in such a relationship and when you haven’t actually seen any hardcore pornography by that time, there is no way to tell that you have a small penis.


However, when we broke up and when I started dating, I started to realize that women are less than excited with the size of my penis. I finally mustered up the courage to ask one of the women I was dating about the size of my penis. Luckily, she was an honest woman and she told me that she has seen bigger. In fact, she has never seen a penis that small ever before. This prompted me to do some research and I soon found out that my penis truly was below average, both in length and in girth. This was something that had to be addressed and I set off on a journey that took some time and quite some money.


The first option I went for were some natural pills that were supposed to do the job. I was naïve and I thought that it is best to go natural and try and increase the size of my penis that way. It turned out that it was a complete scam. The pills did nothing. After that, I got a “brilliant” piece of advice from a guy I worked with about how if you take Viagra regularly, your penis can get bigger. Of course, this didn’t work either. I started thinking about surgery. However, I decided that it was very unsafe and that I might end up with a penis that will be ruined forever. Also, I am not made of money and I didn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on surgery. And then I found out about Phallosan.


I found out that it was tested and proven both effective and safe. The biggest advantage that I found to be exciting and useful was that it can also increase the girth of the penis, unlike some other penis enlargement devices. I ordered Phallosan online and I was surprised about how easy it is to wear it. I was able to wear it to work, while sleeping, whenever. As I wore it for at least 8 hours a day, in less than half a year, I was up an inch and my girth was also substantially increased. In a year, I gained another half an inch, bringing my increase at a total of an inch and a half. I am still using Phallosan and I can recommend it as a penis enlargement option that actually works.