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How Phallosan helped me fight my curved penis problem

I love sex. I am not ashamed to say it. I have loved sex ever since my first experience when I was 16. The girl was a few years older than me and she really showed me the ropes. Since then, I have considered sex to be one of the most important parts of my life. I take pride in my sexual prowess and always have. It is not that I am promiscuous, but I have had sex with a lot of women. In fact, I even stopped counting my sexual experiences and different girls that I slept with a few years ago.

I should say now that I am not some randy jerk that goes hunting for ladies here and there, treating them like just another conquest. I am a nice guy, a decent man with profession, good friends and all that. However, I guess I have been blessed with the capability to talk to women and to give them pleasure. That is the most important thing, always to remember that the lady comes first. Unless you are sure that the woman you slept with had at least as much fun as you did, you did something wrong.

I am now in my late thirties, and I have to say that I am still going strong. I am not the marrying type and I still find great joy in meeting new women and spending some quality time in bed with them. Another important thing to keep in mind if you choose to lead such a life is to find beauty in every woman you meet. I have had sex with women that you wouldn’t even dream of approaching. You can never tell how good the sex is going to be until you try it. However, my career as a ladies’ man almost came to a stop when I was diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease, or curvature of the penis, as it is also known.

That is the condition in which your penis becomes bent upwards, causing pain, as well as shrinkage in size. The doctor told me that it was most likely due to an injury that I suffered not even noticing. I was devastated. I asked him what I can do about it and he told me that the best course of action in such a case is a device known as Phallosan. It is a device that applies vacuum to the penis and through stretching enlarges the penis, but that can also straighten the penis. It was proven to work and I decided to give Phallosan a try.

I can only say that it worked like a charm for me. In less than two weeks of wearing Phallosan, I could see that my penis is getting back to its original shape and size. In a month or month and a half, I was my old once again, even gained an inch, ready to get back in the business.

All in all, if you are having problems with curved penis or if you want to gain an extra inch or a couple, go with Phallosan. It works.