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I gained 1.5 inches with Phallosan

There comes a point in your life, or several points in some cases, when you decide to make some changes that you should have made a long time ago. For me, there were two such turnaround points in my life. The first one was when I decided to forego my career as a teacher in order to pursuit my life-long dream of being a butcher. Yeah, I know this sounds strange and that things usually work the other way around, but in my case, it took quite some time to give it a long hard think and to realize that the only reason why I became a teacher was because it was easy and that my family expected something like that from me. However, when I realized this, I knew that the only way I can be happy is by finally becoming a butcher, something I have dreamt of my entire life.


The other such point in my life and the one that has much more relevance for this blogsite was when I finally decided that I was going to increase the size of my penis. I am positive that I am not the only guy out there who has thought that his penis is of below average size his entire life. In fact, if you are reading this testimonial of mine and checking out this blogsite, there is high probability that you feel the same way.
Having a below average-sized penis is not something that you can ignore too efficiently and too successfully. You can forget about it for a while, but you are constantly reminded of this fact. It all starts in school when you realize for the first time that all the other guys have bigger penises and as you get older, this opinion only becomes strengthened in case you watch porn. Also, there are instances when you get to see other guys’ packages and you can simply feel your self-esteem sinking lower and lower with each day.


It was a year and a half ago that I finally decided that I was going to do something about the size of my penis. It is not like I had problems or anything, but I just realized that this is something that takes a lot of my nerves and time and that I will not be able to be fully satisfied with my life until I do something about it. So, I did my research and I did it well. I checked all the different options and I finally came to the conclusion that Phallosan is the perfect combination of efficiency, comfort, safety and price. It was efficient, it was safe to use, it was easy to use and it cost less than other penis extenders.


I got my Phallosan online and I started using it as much as I could. I really did everything I was recommended. I did the exercises, I wore it for at least eight hours a day, which I didn’t find hard considering how comfortable Phallosan is and in about half a yea, I could see the results. In half a year, I almost gained an entire inch. In the following half a year, I gained even more, making my increase come in at total 1.5 inches. In addition to this, I gained significant girth and even my erections improved. I am still using Phallosan and I am still gaining size.
If you are considering finally addressing the eternal issue of the penis size, you cannot go better than Phallosan.