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Is Phallosan a better option than conventional penis extenders?

There are several penis enlargement options that have got the most attention and that have attracted the largest number of men who wish to do something about the size of their penis. These are different natural pills and supplements, penis enlargement surgery, penis extenders and Phallosan as a bit different penis extender. In this article, we will disregard surgery as a more extreme option and the natural supplements and pills as completely inefficient and focus on the two best options out there: conventional penis extenders and Phallosan.


First of all, they are somewhat similar as both these options involve the process of stretching the penis in order to extend the cells and create spaces that are filled with new tissue. This makes them extremely efficient and objectively the best options out there. However, there are some differences between the two as well.
For example, while the traction is applied more directly by the conventional extenders through the use of loops that are then extended with special rods, Phallosan works using the vacuum exerted by the pull on the surface of the penis and transfers the force in this way. This allows for a number of benefits.


This makes Phallosan more comfortable to use as there are no hard parts of the device that will stick out and make it noticeable. Also, this allows the tip of the penis to become enlarged as well, while conventional penis extenders cannot do this. In addition to this, Phallosan also increases the girth of the penis as it works in all directions, unlike conventional penis extenders which can only get you extra length.
Finally, Phallosan is about a hundred dollars cheaper than the more conventional penis extenders, which is the final advantage that makes it the superior penis enlargement device on the market, thus making it the ultimate penis enhancement option at the moment.