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My husband used Phallosan and gained an inch

As a woman, I never understood why men cared so much about the size of their penises. I guess it is a man’s thing. For example, I have never met a guy and had sex with a guy whose penis was so small that I couldn’t get pleasure from it. In fact, I have been with a guy who had a really enormous penis and sex with him was more of a mission than pleasure. And the worst thing was that he was so proud of it, as if he got a Nobel Prize or anything. But even worse are men who feel insecure because of it and who are not confident in bed because of their “small” penis, no matter how much you tell them that it does not matter, or how much you show them with everything you do that it does not matter. Okay, I may be too harsh. I know that women also obsess over unimportant things as well, like their breasts. We also cannot relax, thinking that our breasts are not as beautiful, as perky, as ample as they could be, whereas men couldn’t care less. It’s breasts and they love them!


I married when I was 33, to one of my best friends. We realized, quite late in our lives, that we have been stupid these last 15 years that we have known each other and that we have been seeing each other go out with other people who only ended up hurting us or disappointing us. We realized that we in fact love each other and that it would be the most logical thing to do to get married. I knew that he was one of those guys who sometimes complained about the size of their penis, as we have talked about it before, when we were just friends. I did my best to reassure him, but I never knew if he listened to me. Turned out that he didn’t.
As soon as we got married, he started sneaking the talk about the size of his penis into conversations.


One day, I decided to sit down with him and straight things out. We talked for hours and in the end I couldn’t convince him that his penis is perfectly fine and that I am more than satisfied with his performance. I told him that if he was so worried, that he should do something about it. And then, one day, Phallosan arrived in the mail. I didn’t think he would actually do something but now I was interested. Will it actually do something?


He wore his Phallosan religiously for the next year and it turned out that Phallosan actually did something. It did a lot. I couldn’t believe that he would be so constant in his wearing Phallosan, and I was even more surprised when I realized that his penis has grown significantly after a year. We measured it and the increase was over an inch and a half in one year. It also became thicker. My husband was over the moon and if I am being perfectly honest, I like it better now, myself.