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Phallosan compared with other penis enlargement options

We may fight it as much as we want, but the simple fact is that us humans are still quite often run by animal instincts and reactions. We are still animals, basically. Albeit the most advanced on the planet, but there are still certain situations where our animalistic characteristics come to the surface. The perfect example for this is the size of the penis. We can be as evolved as we want to be, we can be enlightened and all, but guys still want to have the biggest penis in the room. The biggest penis in the room means that you are the most potent in the room, which means that you get the most females. We are not being crass here; we are only using biological terms. The size of the penis is still one of the most important things in every man’s life and in the vast majority of cases; the man wants his penis to get bigger.


Over the last few decades, we have seen certain products for increasing the size of the penis come and go, especially since internet became this huge. However, there is still much debate about what is the best way to increase the size of one’s penis. In this article, we will try and answer this question. We will compare a few most common options and try to come up with a winner. We will compare penis enlargement surgery, natural products and supplements for increasing the size of the penis, penis extenders and finally Phallosan.


First of all, there is the surgery. Over the years, the surgical procedures for increasing the size penis have certainly advanced, but the results are not as great as you would think. For instance, there will always be a problem when it comes to surgery, concerning the safety of the procedure. We are talking about stuff that can go wrong with any kind of surgery, such as anesthesia problems or blood clots. In addition to this, penile surgery can result in serious deformities, scarring and other adverse results when your penis is in question. On top of all this, surgery is extremely expensive and a burden on every wallet. Finally, there are many people who have undergone penis enlargement surgery and who have said later that they are dissatisfied with the results. In fact, the majority of them.


The next on the list are different natural products, pills and supplements for increasing the size of the penis. They sound like a great option. They are natural and safe and they are not that expensive when compared to surgery at least. However, things are not that rosy here at all. The biggest issue with these natural products is that they simply do not work. They rely on some ingredients that are supposed to have an effect on the size of your penis, but this is complete tosh. There is not a single natural pill for increasing the penis size that has been proven to work. It is as simple as that.


The third option that we are going to talk about here are different penis extenders on the market. Things pick up a bit here. First of all, they are much cheaper than surgery and infinitely safer than surgical procedures. There are a few brands that have been on the market for years now and people have almost invariably reported that they were satisfied with how these penis extenders worked. There is scientific proof that these devices work and they would probably be the best solution…


…if not for Phallosan. Namely, Phallosan works under the same basic principle as those penis extenders. It works through stretching the penis, only in this case using vacuum instead of rods and traction. The biggest advantage of this process is that the girth of the penis is also enhanced, not only the length. In addition to this, the glans of the penis (the tip) is also enlarged which is not the case with ordinary penis extenders. Moreover, Phallosan is much more comfortable to wear as there are no hard materials and it is much less noticeable. Finally, Phallosan is cheaper than the penis extenders.
In conclusion, it turns out that Phallosan is the obvious winner and the superior penis enlargement option on the market today. Without a doubt.