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Phallosan gave an inch in girth

This will probably sound strange as a beginning of a testimonial of a man who has found out all the benefits that Phallosan can bring, but I was always the guy with the biggest penis in the shower, throughout my life. Okay, this may not be entirely true, as I was always the guy with the longest penis in the shower. Which, when you are younger, equals it being the biggest penis. However, as the years pass, you learn that the longest does not mean the biggest.
I still remember the days when my friends used to tease me that I have a huge penis. Yeah, you wouldn’t think that is possible, but you also get teased if it is too big. Or long in my case. They used to call me different names, such as hose-“penis”, cable guy and stuff like that. I don’t know the psychology behind that, but I can tell you that I didn’t mind it. Especially when the girls heard about it. I was proud.


However, as you start having sex, you get to realize that the length does not equal the girth and that one of the worst options is having a penis that is very long, but not thick enough. First of all, when you start watching porn and seeing erect penises, you realize that it is aesthetically unappealing. It just seems wrong somehow. I have also talked to some of my girl friends, not my girlfriends and they all told me that they hate it when a guy has that kind of penis. If they only knew how I felt at that moment. Also, during sex, this can be a problem. First of all, not a lot of girls can handle a really long penis. But when you combine it with the fact that it barely stimulates them due to its puny girth, having sex with me had to be more of a task than a pleasurable activity.
Some two years ago, I decided that I would finally do something about it. First, I thought about using penis extenders as I heard they are great for stuff like this.


Then, I heard that they cannot result in increased girth due to the way in which they work. They are mainly for gaining length, which was the last thing I needed. Then, I considered surgery as I thought it was the only way and I heard that it is much easier to achieve an increase in girth than length with surgery. However, when I went in to learn more, I was simply terrified with the possible complications and the risks involved. Then, I finally heard about Phallosan.
I learned that Phallosan can get you an inch in girth and that it is just as safe and comfortable, even more so, as the more conventional penis extenders. I got my Phallosan and it worked. In a year and a half, I gained an inch in girth and it really made the difference. I am now positive that it is more appealing to the eye and I can tell you that the girls like it this way much more than before.